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 Confessional #3- New Tribe, New Partner, New Idol?

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Confessional #3- New Tribe, New Partner, New Idol? Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #3- New Tribe, New Partner, New Idol?   Confessional #3- New Tribe, New Partner, New Idol? EmptyTue Dec 06, 2011 2:23 pm

And so with the tribe swap, I found myself with yet another partner, this time, it being Mikey. I love talking to Mikey and all, but I feel like he's extremely risky to keep around. He has connections with many people and he always reveals his plans to others, deliberately and unintentionally. It'll be a little tough to keep him in check, but I think I can do it. Speaking of partners, JB pretty much dropped the ball on this one and told me all of the new pairs, in which, to be honest, I already figured them all out but two, and now, he's given me enough information to not worry about my plans now. Ben/Soco are paired up, myself/Mikey are paired up, JB/Travis are paired up, I_Smoke/Angie are paired up, Loonie/Kalika are paired up, Kathy/Andrew are paired up, Haley/Dickey are paired up, and finally, Cindy/Olivia are paired up. So far Mikey wants us to make merge with Loonie/Kal, Haley/Dickey, Kathy/Andrew, and Tara/Cindy, which I'm all for, I guess. I would rather have Soco make at least merge, but everyone thinks he's gonna scheme his way to finals, and I cannot draw attention to myself so I have to be a little cautious. 

Speaking of which, I have discovered the hidden immunity idol, which is amazing because it can definitely help me in the scenario that people are going to target me. Fortunately, I have a lot of honest people on my tribe, so if I have an impending doom some time, I can whip this bad boy out. I've been telling people during the challenge that I have bad luck with idols, as they've always been used against me or my alliance in some form, such as Tocantins and Honduras, or most notoriously, Survivor 36 where I only had two votes and was eliminated because two people played idols that day. However, I have not been completely honest. In Survivor ER, ratatouille, joshg, and myself all saved up for an idol clue and we ended up obtaining it. I don't remember if we used it or not, but it did give us leverage with the opposing alliance. I also remember finding an idol in llieno's survivor game and I miraculously used it when I was told that I was the target. I love idols- they make my day! This time I'm going to be extremely careful and keep the idol a secret. I've only told Haley and I think it can help us in any desperate times. I'm nervous that she may get paranoid, though, and may insist on using it. Maniac did the same thing in Honduras where he wasted his idol even though I told him he was not the target. Apparently we can also transfer idols as long as tribal hasn't started. I don't plan to give her the idol if she heads to tribal because I know for a fact that she is safe on her side. If I suspect my tribe would head to tribal, I'd have to consider. I feel safe on my side kinda, but not entirely. It would have to depend on what is going on at the moment. 

As far as any alliances on my new tribe, I've spoken with pretty much everyone except I_Smoke. I don't feel any ties to him and I'd probably vote him off. Seems like a nice guy, but he has not replied to me at all. I don't have to worry about votes, though, because I think Mikey would rather throw challenges so that his tribe is in control of the vote. I don't mind. I will let him get his hands dirty while I hold on to my beautiful idol. ^_^
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Confessional #3- New Tribe, New Partner, New Idol?
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