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 Stop it with the "Bye/bai/good bye/sorry" posts!!!!

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Stop it with the "Bye/bai/good bye/sorry" posts!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Stop it with the "Bye/bai/good bye/sorry" posts!!!!   Stop it with the "Bye/bai/good bye/sorry" posts!!!! EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 11:36 am

GOSH IT'S SO ANNOYING. Especially when they add a smiley at the end, TOTALLY FAKE. It's almost as if they were saying "sorry bitch, I had a hand in voting you out but I am going to act like I am sad and care"

It's only going to get worse once the jury starts. Ugh.

So yeah, cast assesment redux:

. CanadianMaximusT21: I think he's one of the people running this game, but his gameplay has been very UTR so far. He'll definitely start dominating once merge comes.

. I_Smoke : I dont think hes that active. He did participate in the auction challenge but havent seen post that much otherwise. He's probably just a vote for one alliance, so they will dispose of him when the time comes.

. kalika204: Another person I think is running the game. Is she alligned with Travis? Who knows? Don't know much about him/her but I think the drama factor is there, so this person is not gonna leave soon.

. soco-81: He's going to be a huge threat once individual immunity challenges begin. Or turn out to be a disappointment, considering he said he's hardly ever around. Or is that just his strategy? We'll see...

. XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX: Tara!! Rooting for you girl. I hope she is in the right alliance and makes it far.

. BEnediction1: Don't know much about this person. Same as I_Smoke, I think they are just a vote, and will be eliminated when his useful time ends.

. Mikey_Elite: Mikey is a ticking time bomb. If you want drama you are definitely going to get it once there's even a 10% chance he's going to be voted out. Mikey's problem is his own mouth. You don't have to be 100% honest and real when playing these games and if he wants to be, he better do it in private, cuz doing it in public makes him look like Brandon Hantz.

. HOWdoesITfeeeeel: How the *beep* does this person get called a threat but I never see her post or participate in challenges? I don't recall playing a game with her, but maybe I should.

. sourxgumxrocksx: I am on the fence with Dino. At the beginning of the game I was rooting for him 100%, but after seeing that he's playing that same passive-aggressive game he played in S42 and Honduras all over again, it's not going to be a shock when he walks all over his alliance and makes it to the end. He is a nice kid, but his way of playing is not the way I would play. Will it work for him this time tho?

. StraightLoonie: Hot stuff Loonie. He's probably in an alliance with Dino, and I am sure one of them gets voted out, the other one will follow. He's probably the coolest newbie from the Class of 2011*, so I am rooting for him.

. JB_is_awesome: Very UTR, I am kinda shocked he's still around. In Honduras I heard from him only when he was about to be voted out, so I expect the same this time around. He will start scrambling and appear active once his time is close.

. LiviaV: Just like kalika and Travis, I think she's also running the game and very UTR, she'll become a force to be reckoned with once the jury/individual part of this game begins. My $$ is on her making it to the final 3.

So now that there's 12 people left (and hopefully the jury will start now), here's my updated boot list:

12. Benediction
11. JB
10. Mikey
09. I Smoke
08. Loonie
07. Dino
06. Angie
05. Travis
04. Cindy

Final 3:

Kalika, Olivia and Soco.

Stay strong.

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Stop it with the "Bye/bai/good bye/sorry" posts!!!!
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