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 Confessional #5- Departure

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Confessional #5- Departure Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #5- Departure   Confessional #5- Departure EmptyFri Dec 09, 2011 1:33 pm

So close to the merge, and my partner was voted off. Sigh. It was a fun adventure while it lasted and I have a few regrets but all in all, it was worth it. I made new friendships and solidified others. I've also learned that some people are just hysterical and take these games too seriously. 

Can't say I am too shocked. I had a huge feeling that Olivia was acting funny on purpose but no one would listen to me rofl. I asked JB to vote Ben in order to secure a tie, because if there was a tie me and Ben, I think I'd have a stronger shot at staying. Yeah, I fixed my alliance with JB and made it a whole lot stronger, which turned out to intimidate Liv as she felt that I was controlling or something. Kudos to her <3 It also didn't help that Loonie exposed my f3 deal with him and Mikey, which probably frightened her even more. 

If I get back into the game, I'd have to revamp my entire strategy. I feel like I can try siding with Kal, Ismoke, JB, Loonie, and POSSIBLY Travis + Tara to get Angie or Ben out. I'm gonna come back in with guns blazing and everything! Or, at least I'm gonna try to do that. Dunno what I'm gonna do but I am just gonna go on a rampage somehow rofl. I hope that if I don't get back in the game, it's either Dickey (because he's amazingly awesome and deserves to be there) or Andrew (because he had this game going for him and he was probably screwed the worst). I like Bubba and Marc, but I can't see them staying too long since they left relatively early. Good luck to all that is left! I'm rooting for JB, Kal, Tara, or Travis. Chaz too I guess since now he can be active now ^_^ You five represent!
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Confessional #5- Departure
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