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 Final 10 Confessional

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PostSubject: Final 10 Confessional   Final 10 Confessional EmptyTue Dec 13, 2011 9:49 pm

mk. So I'm bored. I'm going to start making a detailed account of my alliances in this game and talk about potential strategies in it.

People left:

So right now I'm tightest with CanadianMax and Liv. Ideally that would be the final 3 but I doubt that will happen but we'll see. Anywho, there is currently an alliance with Ben/Angie/Liv/Andrew/Maximus/Me that was in power. However, Ben and Angie were freaked out that Dickey could have the idol and voted out Loonie with them which to them was no big deal but Loonie was going to be a valuable ally of mine so to me it is a pretty big deal.

CanadianMax and I have been talking about splitting up Ben and Angie a lot and apparently Chaz mentioned splitting up Angie and Liv to Andrew who told me that he wants to make sure we all stay loyal. I assure him no one will flip but secretly i'm plotting on flipping myself.

I should probably explain why I want to flip...

Back awhile ago when we were still in tribes, I found out my partner was a target. My tribe decides to throw the challenge and Liv, Angie, Ben and myself vote LadyJ out. The following tribal council we plan to throw again to vote Loonie off and we throw the challenge but Liv, Angie and Ben vote out Mikey who was Dino's partner. While I understood why they made the move that did open my eyes to the fact I could easily be the 4th in my alliance.

After Mikey left we became the final 10 and we merged. Long story short, Andrew and Dickey came back into the game. I was worried Andrew would go right back to where he originally was with Angie and he did. Dickey went back to where he was so no shocker there.

Kalika was the first to go at merge and that vote went easily. Then, Dickey is the target but apparently Ben gave him clues to the idol and he found it. The two of them then voted for Loonie which make me distrust them a little bit. Someone else voted Dickey too but I don't know who. Hopefully it won't matter that much.

But anyway, that's where we are now. I'm going to try to make this more of a habitual thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Final 10 Confessional   Final 10 Confessional EmptyTue Dec 13, 2011 9:54 pm

Today I finally got up the courage to ask Chaz what he thinks about flipping at Final 9 after we vote off Dickey. I told him Andrew doesn't seem down with it so hopefully Chaz doesn't run and tell him. We talked briefly about how he wants Liv/Angie split and I want Ben/Angie split so Angie could be the best vote. I didn't bring it up to Chaz but Ben could be a good alternate vote if we are worried about an idol being played. I absolutely refuse to vote for Olivia though. <3
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Final 10 Confessional
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