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This game was extremely chaotic. Like you have no idea. There were so many BIG personalities and people wanting to be in control that it just had to end up the way it did. Seeing all the great players, I knew right from the start that I would need to be more social, more open, and make better connections in the past. That has always been my downfall -- I would always be voted out because someone didn’t feel close enough to me.

Now I’m sure everyone has heard that Chaz is old, lazy, fat, stupid, and other insults such as that. You may have even heard them from me. I know it is fun to insult that old, fat, and stupid little whore. But he is NOT lazy. Well, he wasn’t lazy for a few minutes by asking me for a Final 2 deal, telling me to vote off Bettis, and to watch out for an alliance between Mikey and Loonie. Then all of the above can apply to the guy. I made a Final 2 deal with Angie. She told me to carry her for a bit. I talked to Olivia, and for a while I was basically the only person she talked to in the game. I also sent out PMs to Bubba, Mikey, Loonie, Ben, Roland, JB, Kalika (my partner), Gigi, Kathy, and Haley. Dino also made a deal with me where we would watch out for each other and take each other to the end. Another deal was made between Maximus, Roland, Cindy, and myself. The goal simply was to get through this god-awful partner twist okay. So we told each other who our partners were. I talked with JB and figured out his partner. I figured out Chaz’s and Dino’s. Later on, I would find out Angie’s.

That should give an idea of how much I was socializing. My goal was not to take control, but put myself in a useful position with everyone. I didn’t want my name to come up at all. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I was trying to nudge everyone to want to vote out Bettis first. He caught wind of this, of course, because there are so many god-damn people who talk, talk, talk to everyone. Betty decides to target me, so I hardcore go after him. And with that, the Bitter Betty was voted out first, and his partner that wasn’t important enough to name. I will be honest, I wanted Betty out because I thought it would be simply hilarious if he was voted out first. Best part is he sent me some emotional email on “how he has feelings too” and “he doesn’t understand why everyone hates him”. Ummm, maybe if you weren’t so fucking arrogant. Betty is such a joker.

But I was not in the clear. Betty’s revenge was to spread a rumor that I spread a rumor about Loonie, Mikey, and Bettis having an alliance. Mikey ended up not trusting me, which set off alrmws in my head. We lost the next challenge, and it was literally the craziest night ever. Roland gets on MSN and tells me “OMFG Mikey is trying to vote you out!” and I figure it is go time all over again. So I figure it is time to get out Mikey, which was unfortunate as I wanted him around for a tad longer.

Sometimes, being at the source of the information is awful. Just to give ya’ll a taste of what happened that night, here is an excerpt from one of my confessionals:

“I start telling people to vote for Mikey. And that's going well until Kathy wants Loonie out. Well I don't want to piss her off so I tell people Loonie, but then I hear Dino doesn't want to vote Loonie so I go back and forth with this and I'm sure everyone thinks I'm crazy. JB wants Roland out and I have to spend my time making sure he throws away him vote so I don't have to worry about him. I hear from Roland and JB that Dino is voting me. I heard from Dino and JB that Roland is voting me. I hear from both of them that they are voting Mikey. I tell Ben to vote Mikey. I hear Ben is voting me. I tell Ben to vote Loonie. I hear Ben/Roland are wrapped around Loonie's fingers. I hear Ben is voting Loonie. I hear that Kathy is okay with voting Roland. Like this just goes on and on and on and the thing is THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE THAT DIFFICULT OF A VOTE.”

That’s literally how it was for a good three hours. It wasn’t until after Roland left that Dino talked to me. Roland was telling Mikey that he was voting with him, and Mikey was CONVINCED Roland was with him. I was CONVINCED that Roland was voting with me. But JB had been pushing to vote out Roland, and Kathy was fine with it, and Dino and Olivia wanted to as well. It turns out that Roland was the source of this conflict between Mikey and myself. After all, who told me that Mikey was targeting me? Roland. And so Roland was blindsided.

Roland sent me an emotional PM about how I am a “mean person”. Whatever. But I had pissed two people off already so I decided that it would be best to lay low for a while. The tribe, in my mind, was divided as Mikey/Loonie/Bubba vs Myself/Olivia/Angie/Kathy/Dino with Ben/JB without any real loyalty. Mikey and I felt it would be good to vote out JB, since he was a wildcard, which I was fine with. I didn’t want to have to rely on him in the future when I turned on that opposing alliance. It was extremely ironic. Voting out Roland, I knew, was merely a short-term solution. Eventually, the conflict between us would re-emerge, before the merge. But what was ironic was that everyone voted out Roland, a lying and deceiving player, only to keep me around, who was being an even bigger liar than him.

We won the next challenge, which was great for me. I needed time to repair relationships and expand on them with Mikey, Loonie, Ben, and particularly Maximus, as I broke that alliance with him by voting out Roland. By this time I knew who all the partners were, except for Mikey/Loonie/Ben. I let Chaz know about this, and he just told me Will was being voted out. That lazy ass. He was probably too busy bathing in a pool of melted butter to spend time discussing strategy with me. Luckily, Will (sorry you still suck) going home was good as that sent Bubba home as well. Now Mikey/Loonie have one less person, and less power, and I didn’t piss them off by personally voting them off. I was in a great position in my tribe. The plan was to vote off JB next, and let the Kathy/Loonie rivalry fester. I was now under the radar, basically the swing vote of my tribe, and was prepared to get through the pre-merge.

That’s when Max though it would be cute to change tribes and partners.

So the tribes change, which was really us swapping a few players. Dino and Kathy went to the other tribe, and Haley and Gigi came to my tribe. My partner went from Kalika, who basically ignored me the whole damn time, to Kathy. Now all this development worries me. First, Haley is on my tribe, and she has been extremely paranoid. In her heart, she knows that I want her out. Additionally, Haley wants Kathy out, who happens to be my partner. I’m scared to death that Haley is targeting me, and I know there is no way I can vote her out. I talked to the whole tribe about her, and I heard nothing but good things. I was afraid to say one bad word about her. So, I talk to the other tribe. I get Chaz, Maximus, Dino, and Kathy to throw the challenge. And RTF is voted off. I knew 7 of the 9 partners, and voting RTF out was perfectly okay with me. Gigi left as well, which got rid of two of Haley’s supporters.

Then the next round comes along. I asked the same people to throw the challenge again. The plan was to vote out Kalika, Haley’s biggest supporter. I also suggested voting off Dickey, as he was Haley’s partner. So they decide to lose the challenge. Right after that, Mikey tells me something. Who knew Mikey would change the course of this game? He gave me his ideal Final 10:

“Mikey says
f10 - you/kathy me/dino haley/dick justin/kalika olivia/tara
how would you feel about that?”

I look at the list and I see that Angie, Ben, and JB were not included, and my heart sank. The plan to trust Chaz and figure out a way was sketchy at best. If only Mikey had told me about this a few hours earlier, than I could have changed plans and turn the tables on Haley.

The other tribe had four voters that were supposed to be together. Dino, Maximus, Chaz, and Kathy would all vote Dickey or Kalika. But Haley got her runny little nose into the other tribe’s business, and for some reason I don’t understand, Dino flipped. He spent hours making a long-term deal with Kathy only to vote her (and me out). To this day, I still don’t understand what he was doing. He chose to keep the biggest threat in the game and vote out Kathy instead. Also, Chaz must have fell asleep in that giant tub of melted butter because he was too fucking lazy to even vote. He had twelve hours! Does it really take him that long to walk up the stairs?

As far as I was concerned, six people were the cause of me being out of the game – Kalika, Dickey, Cindy, I_Smoke, Dino, and Chaz. Before I was voted out, though, I was able to relay Mikey’s Final 10 plans to Olivia, Maximus, and Chaz. Doing that would change the course of the game. Olivia’s tribe lost the next challenge. Haley had the idol, and apparently it was another crazy night. They waited all night to see if she would play the idol, and she didn’t. And Olivia, Angie, JB, and Ben voted out Haley. With Haley left Dickey. They would lose the next challenge and vote off Mikey, and Dino as well.

They were at the Final 10, when I got my second chance. The six fucked over players got to compete in an endurance challenge. The winner would get back in the game. My plan was for me to post for two hours, then Angie for two, and then Olivia for two. But Oxy was being a bitch and watching everyone’s IPs. With that, I gave up. But God seemed to be on my side, as people were having trouble posting on the forum, and a new challenge was created. A challenge in which I could get help. With that, Ben, Olivia, Angie, and Kathy all helped me out. I got 709 names and got back into the game. Apparently a mistake was made. Dickey had actually won, but I still got back in.

Against literally all odds, I undeservedly got back into the game. I had five people to get revenge for putting me out of this game. I took down one (Dino) by beating him in the challenge.

But Dickey coming back as well threw everyone for a loop. We had six votes together to vote out Kalika – myself, Olivia, Angie, JB, Ben, and Maximus. That was the majority. Dickey made it where we had to find someone else. It basically made Chaz the swing vote. Kalika was voted out, but Chaz had trouble climbing the stairs again and didn’t vote. Loonie voted with us, which scared me. Poor Loonie. He was the last person remaining from the Haley/Mikey/Loonie alliance, so he was essentially a vote up for grabs. Loonie voting out Kalika instead of Angie was strange, since Angie had voted against his alliance. I was scared that someone like Maximus, an extremely sneaky player, offered some sort of deal with him, in order to turn the tables.

As a whole, I was in a great position within my tribe. My being out of the game let me avoid betraying Haley and Mikey, but my influence was still on the vote. Even when I was out of the game, my influence was still there. It was almost like I took a time-out for a few rounds. I knew I had a lot of loyalty, based on all the people who helped me out. But when things are looking pretty good, there is always a snag that is hit in the road.

I won the next immunity challenge. Dickey was the next person that would be going home, as he was the biggest threat left in the game. I was pushing hard for him to go next. The majority was perfectly okay with that, things were quiet without being suspicious, so I cast my vote and go to bed early. I wake up the next morning to learn Dickey found the idol. Well, that was strange, because Ben wants Dickey out, and only he had the HII clue. Ben sent me a PM in which he explained to me that “he figured Dickey was going home so he decided to extend an olive branch to him by giving him the clue to the HII”. What the fuck? What the FUCK was Ben thinking? How fucking dumb can you be? That is by far the DUMBEST move I’ve seen in the games I’ve played. I was so pissed off at Ben that I was ready to vote him off the next round. Everything was chaotic after I left. Dickey played the idol. And Loonie was voted out. Good thing I had immunity.

Next round, Dickey won the HII clue but didn’t win immunity. It was another crazy night, as we weren’t sure if Dickey had the idol or not, but as time went on evidence pointed towards him not having it. He was pushing to vote out I_Smoke (yes, this person is in the game, like Rick is on Survivor) instead of me, so that could only mean he didn’t find it. JB didn’t want to take the risk so voted I_Smoke as well, and Dickey somehow convinced Angie to vote him as well. He was very, very close, but was voted out in a 5-4-1 vote. My biggest threat in the game was finally out.

I think I understand where Ben was coming from. He wanted to think for himself, so this was his odd attempt at making a move. He was tired of just being used as a vote. I think he was also trying to get a jury vote, as well. But I think he mainly just made a mistake. He didn’t think about the problems it would cause. I have gotten over it, because Dickey was out of the game, and Loonie was no longer a problem. I didn’t have to worry about Maximus possibly making a move against my alliance. The guy is so sneaky, I had to watch him all the time. What has made me even more afraid is I don’t know the guy’s end-game plans. I know he has some. But what are they? Now that I was in the Final 9, I was in an even better position that before. I had been getting all the information I needed; I just needed to use people’s agendas for each vote to make sure I was still around.

I won both reward and immunity, and Rick (I mean I_Smoke) was voted out next. Maximus wanted him out, but Angie wanted to vote out Cindy. Those two had an epic rock paper scissors battle that Angie ended up winning. However, Maximus didn’t honor the sacred obligation of rock paper scissors and got majority to vote out The Invisible Man. I voted Cindy – I wanted her out because she was a bigger threat socially and she took forever to vote which pissed me off. Yes, I know she is in a completely different time zone but I didn’t care. However, she wasn’t as good in challenges as the other guy. I never said a word to either of them. It didn’t matter to me who was voted out.

Cindy left next. That was a pretty standard vote off. Everyone got the third clue, and Ben told me the first one, and I had won the second clue, and I still couldn’t figure out what the idol was. However, Maximus, Angie, and Olivia were all wrong as well. It is safe to say that nobody has it in their possession which is fine by me.

There are now seven people left in the game. There are four more Tribal Councils to get through. I have put myself in an even better position than I was at when I came back in the game. As each Tribal Council has gone by, I have gotten stronger. Out of the six people who were responsible for me leaving the game, only Chaz remains. I have won three challenges, and I have had influence in several different Tribal Councils, especially in the ones that count. I have talked extensively with the remaining six people left, and they all seem to have me in their plans for the next round or two, which puts me in a very powerful position. I have a lot of options. Slowly but surely I have built up my resume for the Final Tribal Council. Hopefully people think I don’t have a chance, but I actually think that I do. I am certain that I am taking Olivia with me. She has pissed Cindy off somehow, and she has not talked to a lot of the jury, at all. I carried her along through the first few rounds, and even got Bettis out when I could have voted her out with him, instead. Ben is the other person who I want to take with me. He has admitted that he had kind of stumbled through this entire game. He is very likeable, but beyond that his one ‘move’ only caused more chaos. Chaz wants me to win. So why wouldn’t I put him on the jury? I have pretended to entertain Maximus’s ideas of voting out Olivia next so he will be likely to vote for me. After all, I voted him to win the last game we were in together. Same with Dickey – I think I can use that, though he is more likely to vote for Ben, I think. I got Dickey out and Loonie is very happy, so I have a good chance at getting his vote. I think I can actually do this!

The endgame has come. These next four rounds will be the most intense of the game, I think. But everyone seems to want me around, so I think I can get through just fine, even if things don’t go according to plan. Olivia and I plan on asking Ben for a Final 3 deal. This will seal up any future problems there might be. Us three and Angie would vote out Chaz, because Ben wants him out and he will feel like he is contributing and that will make him more loyal. Maximus will go after that – I just need to make sure he doesn’t win immunity. JB is an easy vote. Voting out Angie will be tough, though. I really don’t want to, and she will probably be pissed at me, but she is too big of a jury threat. Luckily I have a few days to accept the fact that I will be voting her out, so I can toughen up. I’m almost there. I just need to make smart moves.

So that’s my story of my untimely fall and unlikely second chance.
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