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PostSubject: Immunity   Immunity EmptySat Dec 17, 2011 10:59 pm

It's nice to finally see a camera, I really felt jipped out of airtime.

Phuket Island...very exotic and tropical bliss all over. We eat way better than I ever expected, but that's mainly because of Andrew's spear attack. I've never seen someone handle a pointy pole quite like him before. The nights are cold, but I have some extra cushion with CanadianMaximus by my side. Basically the only rough part about this experience is getting to know everyone and making them see I'm not some ventriloquist dummy. You can't stick your hand up my back and expect to make me talk. I'm learning that people take this type of over the computer gaming very seriously and they managed to make me care about the outcome and my fate in this game. I'm really digging that we basically recreated the Upolu alliance, "The Family" and I was this close to becoming "The Cochran".

I signed up to take part in this game as an avid fan of the television series. We didn't even make it to the campgrounds before a twist was revealed and we were given a secret name as a partner. My first partner was named The_LD (many called him Dickey?). He was with all probability, my first contact closely followed by dude-421 and BettisBoy. Before going any further, I just have a few shoutouts to give

DeMarcus005, roland_deschain1983, KristenBellfan09, DubyaCeeDubya, realitytvfreak2 and Gigi_Marie.

You have fantastic user names, but we never exchanged typed words and I'm told every player in this game has to be mentioned in order for the submission to count. SHOUTOUT peace/love/prosperity.

Early on it looked like BettisBoy was the leader of our tribe and he wanted to take me under his wing and needed my help to succeed in this game. He told me a few fibs about his career in these games and never thought for a second anyone else would find my name appealing enough to contact me. dude-421 was that someone and after some note sharing, the majority decided to get rid of troublemaker BettisBoy(First casualty), which also sent DeMarcus005 on his merry way for being his chosen partner.

My tribe was struggling to get their act together and we lost another challenge. A little bit more action during this vote where A-lrmw22 really wanted StraightLoonie out and dude-421 was set on Mikey_Elite. Some bad blood had been brewing between each pair and since no one could pick a side, roland_deschain1983 left. I think he got blamed for some shananigans, but I really don't think he did anything wrong. I believe stronger powers wanted to mend fences between dude-421 and Mikey_Elite, so they told a few white lies and the guy saw his torch blow out right in his face. Eventful, 2 more casualties: roland_deschain1983 and KristenBellfan09. I can tell I was not feeling the excitement at this stage. Felt like a regiment where people just told me what to do and I obeyed like a little pup. While I enjoy a loud personality on my tv screen, it's not worth the million dollar prize when it's my turn to play. I was going along and sitting pretty, but everything must come to and end.

At this point yahoo and MSN were giving me some difficulties and I could never manage to add more than one person every 2-3 days. I was keeping in touch with The_LD, dude-421 and had a few one on one with StraightLoonie, KsBubba_13, A-lrmw22, sourxgumxrocksx, LiviaV and soco-81. Max comes in with bags and I just knew in the pit of my stomach, those bags had new buffs. Lucky me, the tribes stayed basically the same with only a couple switches and new partners. The new name assigned to me was soco-81 and I heard he was already in trouble. I don't know what really happened in the next two rounds because the other tribe threw the challenges trying to work the twist in their favor. While some of us were just enjoying the sun, some moves were happening behind the scenes and a blindside happened at the 4th game tribal council. My close ally dude-421 left the game after people got together and voted out his partner A-lrmw22. Devastation was felt throughout our tribe, but we looked for the rainbow amongst the gray clouds.

Bullocks, I missed a week somehow and I really can't remember what happened, but I can confirm Gigi_Marie and realitytvfreak02 were voted out and then the A-lrmw22 versus LadyJ47 drama started. I didn't really read everything that went on, but I will deduct a fair assumption that those two are not friends and maybe some bad blood brews between them. In any event, LiviaV and HOWdoesITfeeeeel came up with a plan to oust LadyJ47 and we successfully accomplished that mission after many hours of doubt. It's funny to see everyone worry about the vote and it always comes out how we planned it. Stop shedding years off your lives for a game on the computer ladies. Raw raw.

My relationship with LiviaV started growing at this point. She's the only person who actually talks to me on a non game level and makes the experience a little bit more humanlike. You would swear it's a bunch of robots programmed to play Survivor. We were really conflicted on the next vote, but sourxgumxrocksx was making too many waves and wanted me out of the game. The only way to drown him was for us to lose the challenge and vote his partner out of the game, Mikey_Elite. Another success story, Mickey_Elite and sourxgumxrocksx leave the game and we see a new color on our heads.

Max came to us once again with a new bag of buffs and announced we would now merge into one tribe. Another twist, someone would get to come back in the game and get a chance at redemption. I really missed my friend dude-421 and I felt he was unfairly voted out over drama that did not pertain to the game. I spent a couple hours and helped him get names on other boards and guess what? Another success story, dude-421 comes back into the game and joins my new alliance with LiviaV, HOWdoesITfeeeeel, soco-81, CanadianMaximus and JB_is_awesome. For mentioning purposes, kalika204 came to me once a complication also added The_LD back into the game and offered me to flip sides. The move just didn't feel right so we just voted her out first.

With the merge came reward challenges and with those I won 2 HII clues. They were really vague and my allies couldn't help make sense of them. At the same time, "The Family" really wanted The_LD out of the game. Most of them felt certain the majority had the same desires, but he was telling me a whole other story. It so happens that family members HOWdoesITfeeeeel and soco-81 wanted to keep The_LD. Why let them reap the rewards of a blindside on the alliance? I gave him my clues and if he found the idol, I had made my own move and had secured a new ally that would be indebted to me. dude-421 still owed me from the challenge help and now The_LD owed me for saving his life. Low and behold he did find the idol and StraightLoonie was voted out.

dude-421 and LiviaV were pretty upset with me, but I played it off like it was an honest mistake. I got worried at this point because The_LD was proving a challenge threat and he was too close to other people that needed to be on my side. It was also my duty to regain some trust with LiviaV and dude-421, so we voted The_LD out before he caused too much damage.

I only have 10 minutes left before the deadline so I will speed this up. Since the, I've won an immunity and I shared the newest clue with LiviaV who be some stroke of luck found the HII. She told me about it and also informed I was the only person she trusted enough with this information. We now call it the weapon of mass destruction because no one will see it coming when it's used. We also made a finals agreement and I'm still on the fence about the 3rd person. It was dude-421, but he's been ignoring me lately and just assuming me as his lapdog, which I do not appreciate. HOWdoesITfeeeeel also tried to get me against the family, but I just did as I wanted and now I_Smoke and XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX are out of the game.

Tribe Bingo Bango
. JB_is_awesome - Brandon
. soco-81 - ???
. LiviaV - Sophie
. BENediction1 - Albert
. CanadianMaximusT21 - Rick
. HOWdoesITfeeeeel - Edna
. dude-421 - Coach

The above is where out tribe stands now. Although my move to The_LD was a little Cochran of me, I feel more like the Albert of this season, but I will make my move and not just talk about it as I sit comfortably in my hammock. I'm having a lot of fun with CanadianMaximusT21 behind the scenes, calling this alliance "The Family" and joking about Gods will at every vote off. Nothing is really going on right now, but I would really like to split dude-421 and HOWdoesITfeeeeel up and also send soco-81 to the jury because he just doesn't do much and I feel he doesn't really deserve to stay more than the other people.

Good game. I can see why some people do this over and over again. I just hope I never become invested to the point where I freak out like they do.

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