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 Confessional #2- Bittersweet Tribal: Before and After

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Confessional #2- Bittersweet Tribal: Before and After Empty
PostSubject: Confessional #2- Bittersweet Tribal: Before and After   Confessional #2- Bittersweet Tribal: Before and After EmptyMon Dec 05, 2011 4:26 pm

And so with another Tribal Council comes another fallen comrade. Unfortunately, Bubba had to bite the dust as the Fook-Mi tribe decided to vote out Dubya, who I honestly can't say I'm too sad to see go considering he hates me and will always hate me and there is absolutely no way I can reason with him like a normal human being. But... that's another story that I'd rather not elaborate too much on. Had Dubya made merge, he probably would not have voted me to win this game anyway, so one less bitter juror is good enough for me. As for Bubba, he's a great guy and he was one of my favorite allies in this game, but unfortunately, he was tethered to Dubya and had to go down in flames with him. He definitely could have helped me in the long run, but after speaking with him, I felt like I'd rather keep Haley around than him because he has ties to people that pose as obstacles later on in the game, such as Soco, Olivia, and even dude (kinda but not really, as he says they spoke on and off). Bubba, stay strong and I'm sure you will have another win under your belt!

So yeah, speaking of Haley, working with her is amazing! I feel like I can trust her 100% and she will reciprocate by being the perfect ally. We bounce ideas back and forth and I don't see her as someone who would turn on me. We share some of the same concerns and goals which just bonds us even more. So naturally, after speaking with Andrew, I was quite alarmed when he mentioned that Travis was considering taking her out, and after telling her about this, she must have freaked out or something because it got back to Travis and that went back to Andrew and he told me and it became a huge mess. Either he's pulling my leg or he trusts me a lot, Andrew told me that he had no idea how the news could have reached Haley and brought up that Soco had mentioned the idea. Great information, which I passed on to Haley who once again confronted Travis. I am relieved that Andrew trusts me enough to divulge this information, but I cannot be too erratic and reckless or I will be caught.

Long story short, there was a lot of tension in the last TC but it's only natural that Haley/I discussed what we should for tonight. If she loses immunity, she worries that she will be the main target and she does not know for sure who has her back 100%. She knows she has Kalika and Cindy to an extent, but RTF is very inactive and cannot be fully reliable. She would love for Travis to be eliminated, but at this point, it's hard for her to get him out. She is working on I_smoke but she's not fully convinced that he'd side with her. Her paranoia level is high, but I assured her that she'd be safe.

On my side, the alliances lines are very blurred. Mikey is aligned with Kathy and Olivia, much to my chagrin. I actually don't mind Olivia, but Kathy is never really gonna align with me. There's just something about us that does not click at all. I dunno what it is, but I don't really care to find out. She's a great player, I won't diss her on that, I mean, look at Mystery Disney and Big Brother 20 and One Week Survivor. She's really shining now, but I get the impression that she dislikes me, even if it's slight. She's in her own world and I'm in my own. There's no reason for our worlds to collide. We have already established alliances and that's the end of it. Mikey is making things so much more complicated, because he will NOT vote off Kathy, which would be hugely beneficial to both mine and Haley's game as both Travis and Kathy would be knocked off and that would be two less threats to worry about. He wants JB out, even though just last week he wanted Andrew out. It looks like Andrew and Mikey have worked something out for now, which still bothers me. I don't like it at all and I will sneak something in so that they target one another and not JB. JB is beneficial in the sense that RTF will be a number by Haley's side assuming he gets online to vote rofl.

All in all, it's tough now. We don't know if we should have Haley's tribe win the challenge, or if my tribe should win the challenge. Either way, things are going to get very sticky and we have to deal with what we are given. Come on merge, come now and I will be your best friend xoxo
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Confessional #2- Bittersweet Tribal: Before and After
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